Lutsenko told how many cases against the corrupt officials of the current government sent to the court

1200 criminal cases against corrupt officials from among the current government referred to the court in the last period.

This was stated by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko in interview “to 5 channel”.

According to him, these corrupt officials, from the Ministers and the heads of the village Council. And in one of the areas got on a bribe of as much as two heads of Department of land resources – already the former and acting

Video surveillance Dnipropetrovsk mayor tried took a bribe directly under the police station

TSN. Wounds

29 Jun, 09:09

According to Lutsenko, the difference in 500 dollars of a bribe of 500 thousand dollars – no difference.

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The public Prosecutor is convinced that all this is “metastasis single cancer tumor.”