The results of the Atlas Weekend: 400 thousand spectators, banned Russian musicians

Most of the announced of Russians are unable to speak the Ukrainian festival Atlas Weekend. The soloist of group “Delfin”, singer Nike Borzov and the other wrapped at the border because of the performances requested in the Crimea, says the story TSN.19:30.

Of the 250 artists who had to come to a music festival in Kyiv from different countries, schedule only ruined the Russians. On stage the group “the Dolphin” was released without the soloist. Rapper Scrooge from the team of one of Kadyrov Timati – Ukrainian by birth, but lives in Russia. His songs with obscenities gathered fans-teenagers. On the question of whether he missed in Ukraine, the musician showed the middle finger. The same gesture, the audience of the group O. Torvald decided to say Hello to Ivan Dorn for his anti-Ukrainian statements on Russian television.

Videobollenti announced of Russians are unable to act on “Atlas Weekend”

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:57

Most Atlas Weekend guests gathered at the British concerts of The Prodigy, John Newman and Montica who managed the “Eurovision” open, and “Atlas” close. The organizers are already negotiating with world stars for next year, and on the invitation of Russians now think twice. For five days the festival was visited by about 400 thousand people. On the first day when entrance was free to the metro, which was operating in the extended mode, was a human traffic jam.

As previously reported, on Sunday, July 2, a Russian group Anacondaz performed at the Atlas festival Weekend in Kiev despite the fact that in 2015, they gave a concert in the occupied Crimea. After a visit to Kiev on State border service has banned the rockers entering Ukraine. And Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko expressed the view that Ukraine should be created a register of the organizers of mass events, which invite performers from the Russian Federation, which violated the Ukrainian law.

The TSN correspondent Natalia Goncharova