Friends-the deputies and his own “army”: the journalists were told about the business interests and influence Medvedchuk

The entrance to the right wing of an office building on Velyka Vasylkivska, 23-B, are the representatives of LLC “Detective security company “Storm” that was created in 2015 under the original name “Svarog”.

The staff of this structure was escorted personally politician Viktor Medvedchuk, guarded by his estate, and stocks “the Ukrainian choice”. People from the “Storm” is noted in the identity have the right to bear arms, according to the program “Our money with Denys Bigus”.

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Among the visitors at home with the headquarters of Medvedchuk journalists recorded the co-owner of security & detective “Storm” by Ivan bojchenko and the man similar to the one of the company’s founder, Vice-President of combat Sambo Federation of Victor Black.

Both are also activists of the public movement “the Ukrainian choice”. In addition to “security forces”, by Viktor Medvedchuk come and MPs. The MP from the Opposition bloc Vadim Rabinovich says that he tries to see Medvedchuk “more often, at least once a week.” According to the policy, they meet only in order to get out of prison friend Vadim Rabinovich Nicholas Karpuk.

By the way, Medvedchuk is the official representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group of the trilateral contact group on settling the situation in Donbas, is in talks with Russia and militants for the release of prisoners and helped to return to Ukraine Hopes Savchenko. A colleague of Rabinowitz faction Nestor Shufrich explains that goes to the Medvedchuk, because they’ve been friends for 20 years. And calls the “Ukrainian choice” their joint project. The people’s Deputy-the oppositionist Vasily nimchenko working on legislation that takes Viktor Medvedchuk.

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In addition, the house on Bolshaya Vasylkivska, 23-B, hosted a reception of MP from the Opposition bloc Taras Kozak. The people’s Deputy from BPP Sergey Leshchenko calls Medvedchuk and the Cossack business partners, and journalists of the program “Schemes” have fixed that together they fly a private plane from Moscow to Kiev. Taras Kozak and Nestor Shufrich can associate Viktor Medvedchuk with the business, which he seems to be no.

So, Nestor Shufrich has long been the beneficiary of the largest private gas company “Neftegazdobycha”. Her nearly 10-year-old Director Oleg Seminsky in interview to the program “Our money with Denys Bigus” reported that in his opinion each Medvedchuk Shufrich assisted the company in obtaining licenses for gas production in 2003-2004 Then Medvedchuk headed the Administration of President Leonid Kuchma.

Videolar Konotop called the meeting of the organization of Medvedchuk “separatist coven”

TSN. 16:45

27 APR, 17:28

“He really did a lot for the company. Without him we would not have received the license of 2003-2004. You understand what I’m talking about. Can’t say anymore. I haven’t seen him much, but, let’s be honest: the way the issues were resolved with the license, etc. – it was my deep conviction that it was with his assistance,” – says Oleg Seminsky

Earlier in interview to “the Ukrainian truth”, he said, in his opinion, in the proportion of Nestor Shufrych “Naftogazvydobuvannya” share was Viktor Medvedchuk. Now Seminsky and still calls the Cyprus offshore company, which, according to him, can stand Medvedchuk – Wolford Holdings Limited.

In 2013, that the Cyprus firm has been recorded about 17% of the shares “Naftogazvydobuvannya”. Then stake in the gas firm, started buying DTEK of Rinat Akhmetov. And now concentrated more than 70%.

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As for most of the Cypriot Walford holdings that may be relevant to the Medvedchuk – it has now recorded at DTEK OIL&GAS B. V. Akhmetov and the deep offshore from Belize Bіenville Holdings Limited. Belize – the perfect way to conceal the beneficiary.

The company “Tedis Ukraine” is known not only by the fact that during Yanukovych’s got a monopoly on the supply of cigarettes in Ukraine. But and majority owners of Russia, one of which – Igor Kesaev – the owner of the factory, which produces weapons for the Russian army. Therefore, Taras Kozak did not disdain to partnership in tobacco “Tedis” with Russian weapons manufacturer. According to the, “Tedis Ukraine” (“Megapolis-Ukraine”) in the domestic market led by Viktor Medvedchuk. The company denied it.

Videosu opened criminal proceedings, which includes the name of Viktor Medvedchuk

TSN. Wounds

April 28, 2016, 08:32

GPU established datathat show: money from the “Tedis” displays, in particular, on the structure of the orbit Medvedchuk-Cossack. According to investigators, the 2.5 billion received “Tedis” on cigarette distribution, were withdrawn from taxation for a dozen of domestic firms for contracts on returnable financial assistance. And then offshore.

Among the companies, which displayed the money from the “Tedis”, there is a structure with the orbit of the Medvedchuk-Cossack – “North-Eastern mining company” (“PSDC”). If the owner of a cigarette Cypriots recorded MP Kozak, Director of the Ukrainian company-the strip worked by the former head of Cossack Nikita Poses.

According to the materials of investigative journalism, Taras Kozak, Nikita Poses and firms on whose behalf they act, Medvedchuk is associated with several business assets. Supplies of coal to Ukraine, which in their properties correspond to the uncontrollable coal mines of Donbass. All the gas stations and the oil pipeline “Prikarpatzapadtrans” because of the sanctions sold to Russians in Ukraine. New and powerful suppliers of Russian liquefied natural gas.

In Ukraine it is not a direct owner of any of the businesses. However, surrounds himself with luxury items like a real oligarch. Personally owns two Mercedes-Benz S-500 and G-55, an estate with an area of almost 3 thousand sqm and 6 hectares of land at the entrance to Kiev. Enjoys a private aircraft “Falcon 900” and residences across the country, recorded on a close investment company. According to Sergei Leshchenko, who also owns a luxury 5-deck yacht Royal Romance at an approximate cost of 180 million euros.