Ukraine has signed an agreement with NATO: Kiev will provide the equipment for cyber defence

In Kiev between the SBU and NATO signed an agreement “On the implementation of the trust Fund of the Ukraine – NATO on cyber security”, reports UKRINFORM.

The interests of the Ukrainian side is represented by SBU, the Alliance has identified Romania as the country-leader of the Foundation of NATO. The agreement was signed by the Deputy Secretary General of NATO Sorin Ducaru and the Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak, Deputy Director of the Romanian information service Christian Besada.

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According to the document, Ukraine will build a network of the situational centres to respond to computer incident, and an extensive network of automated sensors events integrated into the information network of critical information structures.

As of July 1, technical equipment and software to Ukraine in the framework of the first phase of the trust Fund is already in Ukraine on the basis of the SBU, Ministry of foreign Affairs and state service of special communication. It is integration into the overall infrastructure of the national system of cyber security.

Ideavirus “Peter” mischief in the Ukrainian Internet space

TSN. 12:00

June 29, 12:59

Also decided on the future direction of development of the national system of cyber security taking into account the capacity of the trust Fund, namely: increasing the technical capacity of Ukraine in the field of cybersecurity by equipping with automated sensors events and connection to the national network of the situational centres of State and security service; the creation of centres of cyber security in the system of the Ukrainian Armed forces and National police with their subsequent integration into the national network of the situational centres.

We will remind, on June 27 against Ukraine was launched a massive cyber attack using a modification under the Ukraine version of the virus “wannacry” – “cryptolocker”, which was struck by numerous private and public networks.