The man from Rivne region staged the house a mini power station that runs on wind power and the sun

To save on the accounts of engineers, retired Peter Tymoshchuk from the region have installed their own backyard windmill. Said that the tariffs are constantly rising, and pensions are not enough for all. And therefore undertook to make electricity in his house.

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The lines man is not even connected, since all the electrics gets self-constructed windmill in his yard. In case of dead calm bought a small solar panel. All together it cost him 2 thousand UAH.

“The idea of modern life: as a retired – every penny counts. The blades are homemade, mast how to make a rotating platform, so there’s the whole design fit. All the way through trial and error,” says Peter Tymoshchuk.

For the year staged on the veranda of real hardware, runs it from his couch.

“Windmill and solar panel are working on the batteries. There is a special for wind turbine, and there is just a car. And yet there are alkaline batteries,” shows a man.

The pensioner said that restrictions in the home not. At the same time turns on the lights, TV and heater and you never equipment is not refused. From wind and sun get even warm water, which very happy wife.

The system paid for itself in less than a year, now every month the couple will save at least 200 UAH. For seniors this is a significant sum, so Peter Tymoshchuk is ready to share its experience with others.

Anna Makhno

Videoinsider of Rivne region made electricity in his house

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