Eloquent dress code: professionals analyzed the clothes with Theresa may at a meeting with Groisman

British Prime Minister Theresa may speaks out against stereotypes and encourages not to be ashamed to be yourself. Her love of extravagant clothes and bright shoes is not just a fad, but the language in which it speaks to its audience, reads the story TSN.19:30.

Understand that language is not everything. Some consider her a style icon, the other her manner of dress is pretty annoying. Discreet black jacket, knee-length skirt. Bright decorations. And the main calling card of Theresa may – heeled shoes with leopard print. All Protocol – said the expert on etiquette and Protocol Natalia Adamenko.

Videoexpert said that means the choice of outfit Theresa may for a meeting with Groisman

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:23

At the meeting, Groysman and may her dress code and low-key style emphasizes the importance and significance of this event. “The black color is her position in life. This suggests that they discussed serious issues. Strict business dress code- in my opinion, it is good for Ukraine. Again, stressed that the formality of the meeting,” – said the expert. And draws attention to the bright shoes that may indicate a special relationship to the Ukraine.

“The Prime Minister-the Prime Minister and style” – so call it the tabloids. At 60 new “iron lady” with pleasure demonstrates her slender legs, decorating their shoes with your favorite leopard print. First these shoes may put in 2002 on the Congress party. Love the intelligent color – not the only thing criticized Mei. Still was a Royal reception in honor of Ambassador of Mexico to Buckingham Palace, where Teresa was in patent leather boots, and a party meeting, where she had come in rubber boots.