In Kiev cops with pepper spray and handcuffs twisted vendor on the market

In Kiev, near the metro station “Svyatoshin” a clash occurred, which the witness took video and posted online. The footage shows how the police used the woman that sells alcohol, pepper spray and handcuffs, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The shop assistant trying to beat the police to other traders. The social networks are now actively discussing whether the police acted, and the majority believes that those exceeded their powers.

Video settings Kyiv police have detained the saleswoman alcohol with pepper spray and handcuffs

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:28

The police also explained that he used non-lethal weapons because a woman dumped a bottle of alcohol into the aisle. She was taken to the police Department and made the administrative Protocol for disorderly conduct. “She agreed that she had alcohol, but denied the facts of the sale. The citizens approached and began aggressive conduct to the police. The woman began to commit acts of hooliganism to break bottles. They fell over the parapet. It was decided to hold” – explained the actions patroling the head of the Department Yury Zozulya.

Earlier Skvirsky highway the driver of a Toyota Camry was blocking the driveway, the driver of the Volkswagen Golf, which between them struck up a conflict. One of the drivers took a traumatic gun and fired several shots into the car, where the passengers. As a result, the car was damaged, and 20-year-old passenger suffered shrapnel injuries. The patrol who arrived at the scene, detained the armed bully , and was seized traumatic pistol.