International kissing day. The doctors talked about the risks and impact of tenderness on the human body

Every year on 6 July, the world celebrated the Day of kisses, the birthplace of the feast is the Kingdom. It was there in the late nineteenth century felt that kiss should have their own day. Later he was adopted by the United Nations and became an international holiday.

To this date Dnia learned interesting facts about kissing and talked with doctors about their health.

Not many know, but of Contracting an unpleasant disease it is possible not only through intercourse but also through kissing. Doctors say that the danger is “open” the kiss, because thanks to it all the germs and diseases are transmitted directly. Even the most insignificant, at first glance, injuries of the oral cavity can act as a carrier.

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Ideally, doctors recommend after making out with unfamiliar partners to handle a mouth Furacilinum, miramistina or other antiseptics, may be appropriate even anti-bacterial rinse for the mouth.

Infectious disease physician Evgeniya Chekhov said Dnia on the trouble, which is to be expected after making out with strangers. The most famous disease among adolescents is the Epstein – Barr or whatever he’s called “the kissing disease”.

“Certainly when you “open” a kiss is first of all, the exchange of bacteria, normally inhabiting the mucous membrane of the oral cavity of each person. Such microorganisms do not cause diseases. And secondly, of course, possible contamination of pathogenic microorganisms, in the presence of such in a partner. For example, viruses of the group of trust (in particular the viruses of simple herpes of type 1,2,4), human papillomavirus, Treponema pallidum (causes syphilis). But of course the most famous is the so-called “kissing disease”, caused by type 4 herpesvirus – the Epstein-Barr virus. Especially susceptible to this disease of course teenagers,” – said Chekhov.

Lips is 200 times more sensitive than the fingertips

It is worth noting that this disease usually begins acutely and already to the 2 – 4th day of illness fever reaches the highest severity. From the first days there is a weakness, headache, muscle and joint pain later — pain in the throat when swallowing at the same body temperature can reach 38 – 40 °C.

According to the infectious diseases, infection with syphilis from kissing is unlikely – for this you need to have a partner in the oral cavity was syphilitic rashes.

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The doctor also notes that there is a possibility of infection and human papillomavirus infection. HPV is easily transmitted through kissing, if the mucosa of one of the partners was infected. The infection also can be transmitted through shared utensils, household items, etc.

Immediately after infection to detect the virus is almost impossible, it manifests itself only after a while on the body. And they cause a lot of concern – can bleed, become inflamed and increase in volume.

“As we know, this infection is particularly troublesome for women, because it can cause further cervical cancer. At the moment there is cervical cancer prevention. More information can be know from personal gynecologist,” says infectious disease physician.

While kissing on the cheek is burned 5 calories, and during the “French” – 26 calories

As for severe and intractable diseases, Evgeniya Chekhov notes that through a kiss to get infected with something serious is almost impossible.

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“In my practice such was not the case and as far as I know, the probability of contamination of heavy, hard-curable diseases is zero. As with HIV. The probability of infection through kissing is negligible, since HIV is very large infectious dose that is necessary that in the mouth of one of the partners was a deep wound – the entrance gate of an infection (such moments don’t usually kissing), and the wound should get a decent amount of HIV-infected blood of a partner (that is, also need the presence of deep bleeding wounds and with a partner). Usually the HIV transmission occurs through blood transfusion, surgical procedures, intravenous drug users, sexually. Kiss in this plan are safe. Again, you must know who you kiss, and if you are confused by the appearance of the human (his health, possible rashes on the skin or mucous membranes), you will not, and will not want to kiss, than actually protect yourself,” added infectious disease physician.