“I won’t”. In the Network users “disappoint” mom in three words for the new flash mob

Online in early July intensified a new flashmob. Users of Twitter have begun to describe their mothers in three words.

People write funny captions to hashtag #DisappointYourMotherIn3Words (“‘t Disappoint mom in three words”), like the phrase “It’s my life”, “Yes, I’ll be an actor” or “I’m not hungry.”

#DissapointYourMotherIn3Words liberal arts degree pic.twitter.com/NT7T0w0E94

— Isaac (@Ikemano) 2 Jul 2017

Diploma of liberal arts and Sciences.


it’s my life !

— Miss jiggle bottoms (@miss_jiggle) July 4, 2017

This is my life.

#DisappointYourMotherIn3Words Meme page admin

— MrDooney (@MrDooneyYT) July 4, 2017

The administrator of a public meme.

I am jobless #DissapointYourMotherIn3Words

— Deus Pluma (@ashesofheaven) July 3, 2017

I’m unemployed.

“Yes, acting school.” #DisappointYourMotherIn3Words

— Ali Hillis (@missalihillis) 2 Jul 2017

Yes, the acting school.

I’m moving in.#DissapointYourMotherIn3Words

— Steve (@mccanncreative) July 3, 2017

I’m moving back.

I need money. #DissapointYourMotherIn3Words

— Beau Jamieson (@beau_jamieson) 2 Jul 2017

I need the money.

This is called spinner #DissapointYourMotherIn3Words

— Timur Sabirov (@exotic_belyash) 5 Jul 2017

I want to move.#DissapointYourMotherIn3Words

— kazartsev (@kzrtsv) 5 Jul 2017

I get there #DissapointYourMotherIn3Words

Diary of self-examination (@Rozofffff) 5 Jul 2017

It is interesting that initially, the hashtag contained a mistake, because the word “disappoint” in English was spelled wrong. Therefore, in a Network there also such a joke like: “Disappoint your mom in three words: spelled “disappoint” wrong.”


Spell “disappoint” incorrectly.

— Whose Ear? (@WhoseEar) 2 Jul 2017

I’m not religious #DissapointYourMotherIn3Words

— Thor (@ThorRoach) 2 Jul 2017

I’m not religious.

Mom; “Where are my grandkids?”

Me: “I have pets :)”#DissapointYourMotherIn3Words

— Trash (@IrreleventTrash) 2 Jul 2017

“Where are my grandchildren? – I have Pets”.

We will remind, earlier on Twitter staged a flash mob on adult life. People were asked to describe the realities of adult life in five words.