Neo-Nazi from Russia Milchakov involved in the murder of about 40 military APU – the Prosecutor’s office

Chief military Prosecutor’s office sent to court the indictment in the prosecution of the citizen of the Russian Federation Alexey Milchakova.

This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor’s office on the Agency’s website.

“The main military Prosecutor’s office completed the special pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings on charge of the citizen of the Russian Federation A. Milchakova, participant of neo-Nazi movements that is wanted. The indictment is sent to court for “absentee” consideration”, – is spoken in the message.

Pre-trial investigation it was established that “Milchakov from June 2014 until August 2015 in the composition he created an illegal armed formation, the so-called “sabotage-reconnaissance assault group “Rusich” rapid response team “Batman” took part in the composition of the terrorist organization “LNR”, contributed to the waging of an aggressive war against Ukraine and change of its borders in violation of the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine”.

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Nazi from Russia, brutally killing animals, the terrorists moved in and is fighting in the Luhansk region

In Prosecutor’s office reported that Milchakov was organized September 5, 2014 near the village of Privetnoye in the Luhansk region the ambush, which killed about 40 soldiers of the battalion “Aydar” and the 80-th separate air assault brigade.

The Chief military Prosecutor’s office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine said that according to Ukrainian legislation, Milchakova “shines” a life imprisonment.

We will remind that earlier, in November 2016, the Chief military Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation in criminal proceedings against leaders of illegal armed group “Rusich”.

According to the GPU, “Rusich” was formed in June 2014, mainly from citizens of Russia with sadistic tendencies, who profess openly neo-Nazi and fascist ideology, whose main aim was the destruction of Ukrainians on the territory of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Himself scandalous Russian fighter Milchakov previously told the details of the death of the so-called “commander of militia” “Batman” and also about drug trafficking in Luhansk, organized by the local mercenaries.