Prolong youth, but is fraught with diseases. How useful and dangerous kisses

Thursday, July 6, the world celebrates the day of kisses. The first day celebrated in the UK, but soon it acquired the status of international, said in the story “Snidanku 1+1”.

As far as records to this day, the longest kiss in the world was held in Thailand in 2013. 44-the summer employee of security service of Ekkachai Tranart and 33-year-old housewife Laksana kiss for 58 hours 35 minutes.

Even in ancient times, the people who invented kissing, believed that the breath of a living soul, so while kissing with a partner is a “wedding shower”.

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A kiss burns 5 calories. A “French” kiss Rob you of 26. Also called anti-aging. During this kissing involves 29 muscles. It enhances blood circulation, improves skin tone and smoothes fine lines on the face. And to know how to kiss you need to avoid some of the mistakes: not to strain the jaw and do not “wet kiss” – when excessive saliva.

The average European per day kissing is about 7 times, young people – about 12, the couple with “experience” – only about two . In Ukraine, too, love to kiss, and no matter whether, as long as it would with anyone.

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But it is worth remembering that how a kiss can be romantic, is so dangerous. For example, unhealthy diet one of the partners can cause tooth decay another. And the most common viral infections that are transmitted during the kiss, meningitis and mononucleosis. They are called “kissing disease”. Therefore, in the most romantic moments do not forget about hygiene.

Earlier, scientists told, how useful kisses.