Until the end of the year “Kyivpastrans” will launch e-tickets

Municipal enterprise “Kyivpastrans” will launch e-ticket for fare payment in public transport until the end of the year.

This was stated by the acting Director of transport of “Kyivpastrans” Sergey Litvinov at a press conference, UNIAN news Agency reports.

“The first time we will be customers of electronic systems, by the end of this year we will introduce e-ticket,” – said Litvinov.

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He noted that the first access using the e-ticket will be given to the passengers of high-speed trams and trains.

“The first e-tickets will be introduced on the light rail line “Borschagivka”, there is almost everything ready, even a Bank card will take, and also on light rail line “Troyeshchina” and in the train”, – said Litvinov.

Recall that in Lviv for the first time in Ukraine it is possible to pay for the fare on the tram thanks to the smartphone. Through a mobile application you want to scan the interior QR code to pay for the travel and with one click in your phone to validate your ticket.

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25 Jan, 08:18