The presence of the toilet and checks on demand. In Kiev, approved the new trading rules in the markets

Capital markets will soon need to meet certain requirements to be allowed to trade food.

Relevant rules approved by the Kiev city Council.

Now the area of the market needs to be isolated and separated from roadway, residential and municipal sectors land. Among the mandatory — safe inputs and outputs, the artificial lighting within the market, telephone, electricity, water and drainage, toilet, equipped places for garbage.

In the market, where the products of vegetable and animal origin, must be equipped with specialized areas for the sale of certain products: fruit and vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, honey, oil, and the like.

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In addition, “the location of trading places in the market should be comfortable to trade, to meet the requirements of sanitary, fire-prevention rules and safe work environment, to allow free passage of customers and proper service culture. Sellers must not use the trading places for the purpose,” said the Council.

“At the request of the consumer, the seller is obliged to present the conclusion of the state laboratory of veterinary-sanitary examination of products of plant and animal origin veterinary and sanitary standards. Also at the request of the buyer, the seller shall issue the payment document of the established form certifying the fact of purchase, indicating the sale date, specifying the name of a business entity in the market, the numbers trade places, names of goods and prices. The document also should contain surname and initials of the seller and his signature,” said the author, the Deputy of city Council Alexander Brodsky.

The new rules forbid to sell in the capital markets weapons, ready military equipment, as well as the fabrics used for the production of, other goods of military assortment, drug, fuel and gas, pyrotechnics and explosives, and the like.

The property markets were obliged to watch cleanliness, and must provide centralized Laundry sanitary and special clothes, washing, disinfection of trade equipment, equipment, measuring equipment which are sellers.

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