In Kiev resumed gas supply to CHPP-6, and Kiev returned to the hot water – Klitschko

The company “Kyivenergo” partially paid for gas before “Ukrtransgaz”, after which the work of the CHP-6 was unlocked. This was stated by the mayor of the capital Vitaly Klitschko, the press service of the KSCA.

“I want to draw the attention of citizens that the city government has nothing to do with the cessation of gas supply to CHPP-6, in which a significant number of residents of the capital left without hot water. All this happened through the financial relationships between the gas supplier company “Kyivenergo”, which have become hostages of the Kiev”, – said the mayor.

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Klitschko also said that the negotiations between the parties were difficult, but ended successfully. “And those areas that still remained without hot water, which is troyeschina, Obolon and Podol part of the districts received the service. Recovery of the CHP was made possible after an agreement between a subsidiary of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” “Ukrtransgaz” and “Kyivenergo”, which repaid part of its debt,” – said the mayor.

According to Klitschko, part of Pechersk, the Dnipro and Holoseievski areas where now there is no hot water, July 18 “Kyivenergo” holds the hydraulic testing of heating systems, and after the hot water is restored. So, is the absence of utilities is not related to the situation at CHP-6.

Videoscale known when the people of Kiev will turn on the hot water

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