“It was a horrible sound”: eye-witnesses told about the explosion in Kiev

A powerful explosion in a residential building came a middle of the day on golosiyivska area of Kiev. The blast completely demolished two floors, killed 46-year-old woman, seven people injured, says the story TSN.19:30.

Old three-storey residential building now without a roof and the last two floors. “Six apartment, second floor. Have on the balcony were sitting, the balcony collapsed. And he was under the rubble. So. We have assisted. It’s all right,” said the ambulance doctor Peter Zubko.

Video settings residential house on Goloseevskaya square of Kiev, an explosion occurred

TSN. 19:30

Today, 19:49

As of tonight we know about the seven wounded, four of them were taken to the 17th hospital. About their condition, doctors are still silent. An hour after the explosion, suddenly in ruins again begins to burn. Firefighters extinguished the fire and continued to clear the debris. “To conduct all emergency rescue works on search of people who may be under the rubble. Now rescuers pulled two people – a man and a woman. They gave medical aid”, – said the representative of the SSES Svetlana Vodolaga.

Explosion was such forcethat in houses in radius of 100 meters povyletali glass. In the neighbouring hotel, too – even one opposite to the blast side. “The sound was terrible. We were so scared that I still can’t move. Still. The blow was terrible, there kids were crying,” admitted one of the witnesses to the incident.