In the Network laugh at the Vice-President of the United States, who touched the “where prohibited”

The Network users started a flash mob of jokes over the Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence.

A wave of ridicule politician called once during a visit to the Kennedy Space center put his palm on the surface of the equipment for space flight.

Did the Pens right under the sign saying “do Not touch”.

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Nick immediately responded to the incident and began to exercise in humor memes and various jokes, wondering what would actually wanted to touch Mike Pence.



Come on dude, really?

— Mike Rundle (@flyosity) July 7, 2017


i couldn’t help myself.

— Citrine (@Melangetic) July 7, 2017


— Sharon (@Sharkaycat48) July 7, 2017


When the sign says “Do Not Touch” but the VP is handsy.

— Robert McNees (@mcnees) July 7, 2017


we are all thinking the same as critical-space-flight-hardware i think.

— ‘ingie (@yngling) July 7, 2017


— Rapacitor (@RaPaCiToR13) July 7, 2017


— Tony Shaw(@Maynardgcrabbs) July 7, 2017


We will remind that the President of the United States Donald trump recently appeared in a funny position when he tried to shake hands with the wife of the leader of Poland. First lady of Poland ignored him first and decided to say hi to Melania trump.