The deceased from the explosion in Kiev, the women were orphaned two children

The Kyiv city administration announced the name of the deceased during the explosion of the woman is 44-year-old O. Gurov. Two kids women were left orphans.

The search continues for another man. KCSA has promised to provide temporary housing for all the victims of the bombing of citizens.

“All who need temporary housing will be provided to them through the KSCA,” – said the first Deputy Chairman of Kyiv city state administration Gennady FPGA. According to him, now we are talking about 15 apartments, which are home to 70 residents.

On the scene after the explosion at once there arrived the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, the Chairman of the State service of Ukraine on emergency situations, Nikolai Chechetkin, first Deputy Chairman of Kyiv city state administration Gennady FPGA, representatives of the Department of emergency KSCA and the head of golosiyivska RGA Natalia Bondar.

The explosion occurred at about 13:55 in the house, in the street Rodimtsev behind the hotel “Mir”. Eyewitnesses told TSN.iathat the sound was very strong, and from the blast even povyletali glass in neighboring houses. In total seven victims: one woman was killed and three were in the hospital, three from the hospital refused.