Each “Motorola”, “Givi” and Zakharchenko: the journalist said the SBU detained the accomplice of the militants

The journalist Andrey tsapliyenko said other “Motorola”, “Givi” and Zakharchenko, who was recently detained counterintelligence SBU during special operations.

About this Tsaplienko wrote on his page in Facebook.

“He thought that everything will go smoothly. He already did this trick a few times. In his pocket a passport in the name Valeriya Voytenko. Inconspicuous retiree, a modest war veteran. Ukrainian passport. Soundly made by a master of his craft. It was only a trembling hand to move the crust from the cursed Trident of the window. Sheepishly smile and awkwardly joking with the “guards” in the box. To withstand several minutes of idiotic play. To on the other side to become a real Russian Colonel. Strong-willed, hard. The former chief bodyguard of the President of the unrecognized Republic “Transnistria”. Acting instructor the Donbas fighters. A close friend of “Givi” and “Motorola”. But it did not work”, – the journalist wrote.

According to Tsaplienko, the man “made a mistake” on the transition of Ukraine to “Transnistria”.

“Actually, counterintelligence had long known that the name “Valery Vojtenko” hides some sort of “Sanich”. Known in Moscow as a Colonel of the airborne troops Valery Grachova,” said the journalist.

Here’s another one to the collection. Counterintelligence SBU skillfully carried out special operation and detained another, “Motorola”, “Givi” and Zaha…

Published by Andriy Tsaplienko on 9 July 2017.

“Ukrainian counterintelligence received information about the intention of the FSB of the Russian Federation to appoint the Deputy “Minister of state security of Transnistria” their man. The main condition – it must be the Russian military personnel with combat experience. In The Donbas. On the side of the militants. Such people quickly found. Of Grata, Valery. Russian airborne officers, seven years in a row guarded by the leader of “Transnistria” Igor Smirnov. With the end of the “era Smirnova” his chief guard moved to Moscow. And on the fourteenth year, the Colonel Grata in the Donbas. It’s official – the head of the “Union of paratroopers of Donbass”, – wrote Tsaplienko.

The journalist reported that during the detention of Grata familiarly stated, counterintelligence: “So what I did is illegal there? Jubilee medals handed out.”

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However, as learned Tsaplienko, Grata back in 2014 transferred from Moscow in the troubled Donetsk instructions, which contain clues to fighters on how to avoid punishment. The journalist quoted excerpts from these instructions:

“The APC need to burn wheels with cocktails on one side. Accordingly, groups should be not only in regional administration, and to wander around the city in civilian clothes. All urgently with petrol bombs in one pocket and a handkerchief in another pocket (no offence to how to insert the handkerchief into the neck) on the roofs of buildings around yeah – they should just throw and throw cocktails at the head of the junta,” – said in the statement.

Tsaplienko also noted that a “portfolio” Gradova – full of photos with militants “LDNR”, including “Motorola” and “Givi”, Zakharchenko, Mozgovoi, and the like.

We will remind, earlier Tsaplienko said about the agent “Winter” (“engraver”), Igor Tkachenko, who was going to recruit in Odessa SBU officers. It also managed to hold the counterintelligence of SBU.

Videoroliki spy told about the recruitment of officers of the SBU

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