The US has promised Ukraine coal, and Russia – to block construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”

Ukraine and USA expand cooperation in many fields, especially in energy. In particular, the United States will supply Ukraine coal, nuclear fuel and at the same time oppose the construction of politicized Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2,” which Russia plans to supply gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine.

“I was pleased to hear support for the reforms in the energy sector after a meeting this morning and after our talks. The support of our bilateral relations. I want to note that they are also concentrated in the economic sphere, and in the procurement of us coal, and work on the plant construction, nuclear waste, and to ensure the supply of nuclear fuel for Ukrainian “Energoatom” and to provide investors in oil and gas sphere”, – said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko after a meeting in Kiev with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

The United States is convinced that the construction of the Russian “North stream-2” is not worth it.

“I am very grateful to our American partners for an absolutely clear, effective and consistent stand in preventing the implementation of this project is deeply politicized”, – said Poroshenko.

The parties also agreed to expand cooperation in many areas – defence, security, cybercrime, economic, energy, cultural and the like.

“We expect in August-September on the visits of US defense Secretary and US Secretary of energy, other visits of high-ranking representatives of the us government. The result of cooperation between Ukraine and the United States of America, which is very rapidly developing, there is evidence of the fact that Ukraine has, and we are grateful to the American people, not only a powerful bipartisan support in the us Congress, but also strong support in the White house, State Department and the U.S. government. I am very grateful for this strong support,” – said Poroshenko.

Tillerson noted the “tremendous progress that has been made by the Ukrainian government to reform over the past few years and economic achievements. I also know that there is still much work ahead in order to continue these reforms to ensure security of Ukraine and economic developments in Ukraine”.

U.S. Secretary of state supports Ukraine on its dedication to the implementation of reforms and commitments, in particular to the IMF, the land reform and the reform of corporate governance.

“We talked a lot about the steps needed to ensure that Ukraine has become attractive for foreign investments. I know that you are committed to improve this situation,” said Tillerson.

At the same time, the United States expect from the Ukraine anti-corruption reforms, which are an important element to attract external investment. Among them Tillerson noted the important work on the selection of judges of the Supreme Court, and the creation of an anti-corruption court.

“All these questions are the first steps to create the appropriate judicial authority. You said that you are concerned about this issue and tried indeed to create such a court and appointed judges of the highest grade. There are many calls for these reforms, but they are very important for Ukraine and create conditions for Ukraine to remain a strong and important partner in Europe and that Ukraine was important to the world. I am inspired by the situation that I see in Ukraine and the progress that has been made and I know that when these reforms are implemented, Ukraine will be a very attractive place for investment and business”, – concluded the Secretary of state.

The parties also discussed the question of termination of the war in the Donbass and made demands to Russia.