In the cost of train tickets “hidden” services on which passengers do not even know

The safest mode of transport consider the railroad. Really, buying a ticket, passengers not only pay for the space in the car. But also for safety. However, insurance is on average only 70 cents. But with each passenger. But if you take the number of passengers who travel every day by train and multiply all of this – the amount obtained is enormous. Only during these six months, 25 million passengers paid to insurers 17 and a half million hryvnia.

Although there is an interesting detail. Half of this amount takes herself “Ukrzaliznytsya” – development. And insurance payments are provided only 0.5% of the total balance – 300 thousand UAH. This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week. About the insurance people just either do not know or do not require. And it is in every railway ticket. And it should be kept to yourself.

Over the past year, according to the “Ukrzaliznytsi” to get money from insurance managed just six of dozens of people. The total amount of slightly less than 300 thousand UAH. Payments compared to contributions – tiny, less than 1%. When compared with the motor, there shall be paid to the victims up to 80%. So with a little compensation on the railroad obviously need to do something. Otherwise, this seems to be the business, and unfair enrichment. Besides, most people just don’t know where and when to turn. Insurance only compensate for physical injury during the trip. But there are conditions. To apply for the payment is necessary only in the insurance company. Their name is printed on the tickets. So when got off the train, be sure to collect it from the conductor – this is your alibi for the insurance. In addition, the head of the train, you must arrange the act about the accident. And the last one to pay the money you will be only in the presence of the hospital.

For ruling, written in 1996, the amount for which insured each passenger is 102 thousand UAH. In so much are actually valued human life. After all, to get the money needed to be killed. If left alive, then one day of hospital costs 204 UAH.

The cost of tickets is also provided a other services that many passengers just don’t know. For example, in the car, passengers may not spread out and not to put the bed. It should do a guide. And this is included in the ticket price and provided by the rules of the carrier.

During the trip the air conditioning in the compartment is necessarilymandatory service, for which passengers pay. Officially, if the temperature in the car reached the mark at 26 degrees, you need to write a complaint to the head of the train and demand that was transferred in the car with air conditioning. Absolutely for free. But this is possible only if cool cars there are seats available.

Also the passenger has the right to cancel a trip. That is to go to a station, and in a few days to go on the same route. You need to get on the ticket special seal and the stamp duty at the station. To continue the trip not later than in ten days. This should come with the ticket to the cashier and exchange it for a new one, at no additional cost. Of course, the availability.

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