Holodnitsky predicts the flight abroad of the MP from which you want to remove the immunity

Next week a Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office will make a presentation on the removal of parliamentary immunity of another MP.

In an interview with the program TSN.Week said the head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky.

He also suspects that, at least, one of the deputies, which the regulation Committee has already considered, I will not vote in the parliamentary hall and run away from Ukraine. The name of Golodnitsky was not called. But hopes that the Verkhovna Rada would finish the investigation of the amber case, depriving suspects of immunity to justice.

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“Indeed, this stargazing views on the lifting of parliamentary immunity Ukraine has not seen for 25 years of independence. And say that we will continue to act if the actions of the deputies will see the signs of criminal offenses. Then we will show that the country is changing, that there are no untouchables and people will believe. Rightly said, after considering a submission to one of the deputies called about a dozen people who are willing to testify. Because I did not believe before, what can be, even to this stage. But this is only the beginning, we will go on, on my Desk is the concept of one more Deputy for corruption crime. And next week we will make it, at least in the procedural Committee. Our work is ongoing, we have completed these 5 submissions,” said Holodnitsky.

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He is convinced that we need to change the law regarding the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity.

“These rules are now prescribed in the law of Ukraine on removal of parliamentary immunity, showed that this law needs to be changed. After overdosing on the role of the court has no right to procedural Committee, or a proper session hall of the Parliament. Sometimes it reminded me of the week absurdity, when I came with white papers, and they tell me that it’s all black. When the evidence and the video, which is incontrovertible, which cannot be bribed, not to be forced to speak other words, they are simply objective, we show it, and we are told that it’s all true, it’s a provocation, it’s all a movie,” complains Holodnitsky.

Says does not warrant that any of the five MPs, from which you want to remove the immunity, will come to the parliamentary hall and run away.

“The question of how it is now – I am concerned, as a Prosecutor, as I can’t guarantee that these 5 MPs already discussed, before the vote, will stay or come into the gym and decide that will take up space. I have no such guarantees. But as a Prosecutor I can’t do anything because the law”, – says Holodnitsky.

Read more about the reasons why of the five MPs want to remove the immunity, read on Dnia this link.

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