Military Avdiyivka told about the sighting of Russian military personnel on the side of “DNR”

Industrial zone near the Town remains under a sight of the fighters, who do not hesitate to shell it with mortars not only at night but in the middle of the day. Insidious calculation to drop in defenders of the Ukrainian land unexpectedly partially justified, because recently, two soldiers were wounded, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Alexander was hurt in the arm, it looks shocking photos of injuries on the phone. But he says that the fingers are moving, and that arm is healed. “I switched positions and it turns out, flew crazy – doctors haven’t said, or a bullet or a splinter,” – says the fighter 72 brigade with the Callsign “Barney”.

Videopresence fighters in the dark resumed its powerful attacks of the Ukrainian positions

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:59

Other military stabbed in the back. Splinter never got it, but non-life-threatening. “Just over the trench, over head flew exploded. My friend ducked, well, I felt something in his side hurts. In Bronzit did not hit, it turns out, under the arm, between the plates,” – says the fighter Alexey Boyko.

The military said that such a pattern of attacks is typical for this sector of the front. “In the morning can be a bit quiet, but after lunch, in the evening, and especially at night… Strelkotnya, RPGs, mortars,” – said the fighter with a call sign “Seventh”. As if in confirmation of these words, the militants did not even wait for lunch time to shoot at the positions of the 72nd brigade began at noon. So, a truce to harvest is actually not valid.