Nearly half of Japanese people are virgins in their 30 years – study

New research showed that almost half of Japanese in their 30 years old are still virgins, reports Ladbible.

“I have never been with a woman. Not that they don’t interest me, I like girls, I just can’t get on the right path,” said the 41-year-old Takashi Sakai.

Scientists explained that one of the causes of sexual disinterest Japanese men is the feeling of threat from the women who have a big salary and privileges. And this is why they feel insecure and are afraid to be rejected.

There is also the theory that Japanese men are very busy with sexual images from the manga or Internet porn.

The Japanese also later marry or remain all alone for the whole life because the gap between imposed ideals and reality.

Research has shown that such sexual inactivity may lead to low fertility of the nation.

Scientists have warned the Japanese government that by 2065 the population could decline by 40 million people.

Earlier, British scientists have identified the genes that determine the beginning of sexual life. It is reported that DNA affects the rate of puberty, which, in turn, correlated with age of first sexual experience.