Scientists who are guilty of treason to men and women

Researchers from the British University found that both sexes have different perceptions of the fact of treason and who is the culprit.

About it reports “Interfax”.

According to the study, women tend to blame “the other woman” and most men blamed their wives who have been betrayed.

The data also showed that the female sex is more concerned with emotional cheating than the actual sex.

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Scientists believe that this may be due to the fact that in the past zhenskomu family find it difficult to raise a child on their own and they need the ministrations of men.

In turn, men believe physical intimacy is the worst kind of betrayal. According to the authors of the study, women are perceived as sex vocation to give new life. So they can blame the destruction of relationships both men and women, regardless of whether they are in or outside of these specific relations.

Earlier, the British the Dating site conducted an anonymous survey among its users to determine what are the excuses most often used by menwhen cheat on their women. The results showed that most (27%) incorrect men claim that working late or have a business meeting”, while meanwhile Dating other women.

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