Night fighters shelled Marinka with grenade launchers and machine guns

The militants have once again violated the ceasefire agreement during the period of harvesting, shelling residential neighborhoods in Maryinka.

This was reported by the press center of staff ATO on his page in Facebook.

“In the night from 10 to 11 July during the shelling of the ATO positions near Marinka, under fire fighters from automatic grenade launchers AGS and heavy machine guns again hit residential areas of the settlement”, – stated in the message.

According to the headquarters ATO, as a result of the shelling damaged the roof of a residential building on the street Heroes of Chernobyl, and on the street Prokofiev, as told by the locals, because of hit of ammunition occurred short of the fire building.

Separately noted that among local residents there were no injuries.

“The Ukrainian side condemns the actions of illegal armed groups ORDO regarding the shelling of settlements, which threatens the life and health of the civilian population. The offense evidence of purposeful actions NZF ORDO on further escalation of a conflict, blatant disregard for the Minsk agreements and a reluctance to adhere to the truce declared for the harvest”, – concluded at the headquarters of ATO.

The Ukrainian side of the JCCC: NVF ORDO once again shelled residential areas of Marinka. The Ukrainian side of the JCCC announces…

Published by the Press center of staff ATO 11 Jul 2017

Recall that in General for the past day the militants of the 22 times broke the ceasefire. Near the Village Lugansk the Ukrainian military was lost.