Reform under threat: MPs going on a vacation without taking a number of important laws for decentralization

In the Verkhovna Rada will soon begin parliamentary recess, and MPs are still not adopted five required for the decentralization laws.

About this Facebook said Deputy Prime Minister — Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services Gennady Zubko.

In his view, decentralization was the most successful reform of the country.

“The changes that it brings to the community, is obvious: the reconstruction of kindergartens and schools, Snapy and medical institutions, centers of safety of citizens, sports and cultural infrastructure. But reform needs to move on! It is necessary to adopt priority legislation. Their five,” said Zubko.

He hopes that this will happen at the last plenary week 6 session of the Verkhovna Rada. A similar opinion was expressed by the expert on decentralization Yuriy Ganuschak. He advised the MPs to support decentralization, while it is still possible to write to your account.

The video journalist butchenko commented on the most common myths about decentralization in Ukraine

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January 19, 11:44

Note that for the six months, local governments have increased their revenues by 22 billion UAH, in comparison with data of the same period last year. For the period in the General Fund of local budgets received UAH 87 billion, accounting for 53.6% of annual revenues approved by local councils.

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The highest percentage implementation of the annual indicators in Rivne (61,5%), Poltava (58,2%), Volyn (58,0%), Kyiv (58,0%), Chernivtsi (57,9%), Ivano-Frankivsk (57,2%). All 12 areas of the % completed is higher than the average for Ukraine.

#Decentralization is the most successful reform of the country! The changes that it brings to the community, is obvious: the reconstruction of kindergartens and W…

Published by Gennady Zubko 10 Jul 2017

The main factor for the increase in receipts in local budgets, the experts called financial decentralization. According to them, in 2015, and it was then entered into the rule of fiscal decentralization, local budgets grow every year.

Videocentral: the pros and pitfalls of reform

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19 Jan, 11:43

We will remind that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stressed the importance of continued decentralization in the state, which greatly enhances local community development.

“The first reports we have from local governments, already clearly show that when we transfer the rights and financial resources, and the responsibility of local authorities greatly increases,” he said.