Unusually firm handshake and Shevchenko’s poetry in Parliament: what will be remembered for the visit of Stoltenberg in Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has arrived in Ukraineto Express full support to our country in its path to the standards of the Alliance. Although now our country do not meet the criteria for membership and application for membership early to tell, Kyiv has a plan for the reform of the army and the defense industry, the details of which were discussed at the meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO, says the story TSN.19:30.

In the morning the government quarter was under siege of the police and national guard soldiers: streets, and Lutheran Institute is partially blocked, the passage was carried out according to permits and passports on the roof adjacent to the President’s Administration, houses were on duty security forces. When meeting Jens Stoltenberg and Petro Poroshenko, not the Protocol firmly shook hands and clapped shoulders. The NATO Secretary General and the President of Ukraine was definitely optimistic.

Videokarty and the lack of reforms can shut Ukraine’s doors to NATO

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:08

Together with the head of the Alliance came to Kiev, the representatives of the NATO countries. Now they are 29, and Ukraine is not against to become the jubilee, the thirtieth party. “This does not mean that we will immediately file the application, the application for membership. Absolutely not. This means that we need to build a real program of reforms, the program of our cooperation, to intensify our efforts to achieve the required standards,” – said Poroshenko.

Large-scale decisions on such field meetings are usually not accepted. The purpose of the meeting is to convey a signal to official Kiev, and a signal of support for Ukraine received. “Russia continues its aggressive actions against Ukraine, but NATO and NATO countries stand by your side. The Alliance does not recognize and will never recognize the illegitimate and illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia”, – said Stoltenberg.