Groisman has allocated 50 million hryvnia to fight with the Lviv garbage

The Cabinet of Ministers has allocated UAH 50 million of the Lviv regional state administration to address the issue of solid waste management in Lviv.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the meeting of the government.

“We allocated the regional state administration, as promised, 50 million UAH. I promised, talked to Lviv, we will not leave you. Where the government needs to help, we will always help”, – he stressed.

According to Groisman, allocated and direct intervention of the Lviv regional state administration, will help restore order in the city.

“I’d really like to Lvov walked on clean streets, and all the dumpsters and grounds have been cleaned,” he added.

Separately, he also said that due to the fact that Lviv city authorities are unable to solve the garbage problem, this issue is now engaged in the Lviv regional power.

As reported earlier, Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy appealed to the Cabinet with the requirement to declare the city’s environmental emergency in the continuation of the “junk blockade”. The mayor argued that the attempts to temporarily haul waste to other landfills stumbled upon “systemic and organized resistance,” and the Directors of the other landfills where household waste was going to take temporarily, felt pressure and threats.

Videosyoung have developed two schemes to solve the Lviv garbage

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Subsequently, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during a conference call with the regions stated that the government may allocate from the state budget of 50 million UAH for arrangement in Lviv city landfill.

In turn acting Minister of health Suprun has declared that does not see a formal basis for the introduction of environmental emergencies in Lviv, however, recognizes high levels of bacteria.