Negotiations between Ryanair and “Boryspil” were doomed – a statement of the airport

Negotiations between the budget carrier Ryanair and the international airport “Borispol” on financial issues was doomed from the moment of fixation rates in the amount of $ 7.5, which is reflected in the Memorandum between the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine and the management of the airline.

This is stated in the official position of the airport “Borispol” about the negotiating process with the airlines.

“This is a bet on the economic entity – the airport “Borispol” was not consistent on the subject of economic feasibility, reasonableness and non-discrimination of other contractors of the airport”, – stated in the message.

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The airport also reminded that to meet the requirements of Ryanair was deliberately reduced rate passenger fee from $ 17 to $ 13 for all airlines, which meant for him the loss of 360 million UAH annually. The rate of this fee is set by the Ministry of infrastructure.

“Without a corresponding change in the expected Ryanair is $ 7.5 for one passenger could not happen”, – stressed “Borispol”.

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The statement also notes that the airport “Borispol” was changed to reflect the expectations of Ryanair standards of the public offer, which installed a 80% discount from the basic passenger charge on new lines of flight; it was also fixed in the direction of “new” for the airline for 6 months for the impossibility of occurrence of manipulation between the carriers and trying them first to “take” route and get a 80% discount.

“We have repeatedly expressed the position that the airport agree to co-investment in a new direction by providing 80% discount only in the case of a guarantee from the airline to increase passenger traffic on this direction and increase the geography of flights”, – said in a statement.

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It is the last paragraph from the beginning of the negotiation process by Ryanair was the rejection of the arguments of the airport.

“In particular, we have insisted and continue to do it that the flights to London are unable to fall under the 80% discount, because in this area already operate flights British Airlines and the base carrier of the airport – MAU. In addition, the airport will not be able to fix the fee for passengers of the airline Ryanair at the level of $ 7.5, as it is dependent on ensuring and increasing passenger traffic on this direction. This position proved unacceptable to the representatives of the low-cost airline. We officially declare about the warranty of the passenger traffic from airlines in the amount of 150 000 passengers, equivalent to 1.5% of scheduled passenger traffic “Boryspil” this year”, – said at the airport.

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In turn, the statement says that the airport “Boryspil” is ready to any audit of the negotiation process with the airline Ryanair in terms of economic feasibility, rationality of the position of the airport administration, legal correctness and non-discrimination of other contractors of the airport with positions of the legislation on protection of economic competition.

We will remind, on Monday, July 10, Ryanair announced its withdrawal from Ukraine , despite prisoner in March, a contract and agreement with the airport “Borispol”. According to the company, it is breach of agreement and cause the cancellation of the ward.

Airport Director, in turn, took responsibility for the failure of the agreement with the airport. According to him, the Irish company longed for conditions that violate the Ukrainian laws and business laws. So, Ryanair wanted for yourself free of air navigation in Ukraine, free check-in counters in the terminals, free space for your home office and office for the sale of tickets and the rights to build a hotel at the airport – just 14 points requirements. The last of which – any disputes would be resolved by British courts.

We will note, the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian going July 12 to submit for consideration of the Cabinet submission about dismissal of the General Director of International airport “Borispol” Paul Ryabikina.

in turn, the Ukrainian government wants to continue negotiations with the company-Ryanair, said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

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