Parliament has not consented to the prosecution of Lozovoy

The Verkhovna Rada gave its consent to the criminal prosecution of people’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrey Lozovoy from the faction of “Radical party of Oleh Liashko”.

For a decision voted by 177 MPs.

Therefore, Parliament is not actually supported the removal of the parliamentary immunity of MP.

“I, as an honest man, made a Declaration I do not wish anyone harm. As God as my witness, today I lit a candle for your health and Christian of you (Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko) forgave, and asked God to give you wisdom,” said willow.

According to the MP, Lutsenko revenge of the Radical party, which did not vote for his appointment and at the initiative of the attorney General.

According to the public Prosecutor, willow still has not explained how he took the transcendental state.

“I’m not afraid of your ideas, I’m not afraid of prison. I know that truth is on our side, on our side of the Lord. I know that I am honest before God and before the law, unlike you, Yuri V.,” the MP said before the vote.

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Paruby has directed representation about removal of inviolability from Lozovoy

We will remind, the PGO accused the MP Lozovoy in tax evasion almost two million. According to GPU, as MP for 2015 far exceed his official income and tax they willow not paid. In turn, the MP of all charges denies. He said that the state office of public Prosecutor is engaged in political blackmail.

Videoproto MP lozovogo will consider the submission on the removal of immunity

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July 5, 12:50