Scientists have discovered why people are “larks” or “owls”

Canadian scientists have determined that their habits to stay to the night or to Wake up early in the morning, we owe the life of our ancient ancestors, reports the BBC.

Anthropologists explained that our ancestors never slept all at the same time, because someone always needs to stand guard and protect his tribe.

In the study, scientists watched the indigenous people of the hadza, who still lives a tribe in Northern Tanzania.

They followed them for 200 hours and found that during the whole time all the tribesmen slept together only 18 minutes.

So people actually followed each other, and the whole tribe slept together only 0.15% of the total time.

“On average in all hours of the night while not sleeping eight adult members of the tribe – that is, 40% of the total number of adult residents Parking. We absolutely struck by the almost complete lack of synchrony of sleep this group of people,” commented canadian anthropologist Dr. Samson.

In addition, previously, scientists have proved that the sleep of a person depends mainly on age.

“When you are young, you are much closer chronotype “owls”, that is your main activity takes place in the evening and in the morning to do anything you do not want. But the older you become, the more you are a “lark” – said the researcher.

Earlier, American scientists have determined that people with purpose in life sleep better. According to scientists, the existence of a plan for the next day can provide the quality of sleep.