The experts identified the age when people cease to get pleasure from the nightlife

American company Currys PC World found that of the 37 years, people cease to get pleasure from the night life and prefer home than the clubs, reports MixMag.

The study showed that at the age of 37 years, people would rather stay at home watching TV than go to a loud club. In their opinion, to communicate with others they will be able on social networks.

Experts also found that many in this age refuse to Nightclubs because I don’t want to get dressed (22 percent), hiring nannies (12 percent), or taxis (21%).

“In the study of the Great Indoors recognizes the fact that there comes a time when we appreciate our home more comfort than a bustling social life. In addition, it is impossible to be sad at home with constant the latest technology,” explained Matt Walburn with Currys PC World.

Instead, the study showed that 31 people still like to visit night clubs.

We will remind, earlier experts have called the epidemic of loneliness is the disease of the XXI century. Scientists have noted that the frenzied pace of life leaves people time for personal.