Never complained when her son was sent to kill Ukrainians. Gerashchenko said the mother of the military of the Russian Federation Ageeva

First Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko responded to the calls of the mother of a detainee in Luhansk region, the military of the Russian Federation Victor Ageev to release her son.

Russia’s Svetlana Ageeva has recorded a video message to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with a call to pardon her son and trade him for someone from the Ukrainians.

Gerashchenko wrote that Ukraine demands the release of illegally detained Ukrainians, among them film Director Oleg Sentsov, which, moreover, is not to blame, and tomorrow celebrating my birthday.

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I came to protect the brotherly people

“Mother war criminal Ageev asks the President to pardon her son. But we, Ukrainians, ask Putin to pardon Oleg Sentsov! ( Oleg, however, in no way to blame, and this is a big contrast to the “Ageev” and other “misguided”). It is noteworthy that this Russian woman did not complain when her son was sent to kill Ukrainians, too, are someone’s sons…”, – wrote Gerashchenko in Facebook.

Mother war criminal Ageev asks the President to pardon ii son . And we , Ukrainians, ask Putin…

Posted by Iryna Gerashchenko 12 Jul 2017

She added that the Ukrainian side demands to release other Ukrainians – Alexander Kolchenko, Mykola Karpiuk, Stas Klich, Valentin vygovskyy, Roman Sushchenko, Evgenia Panova and Ukrainian children from the Makiyivka colony, Donetsk SIZO and the prison in Lugansk.

“The request to “the New newspaper” that prints these messages mother Ageeva: please advise this woman, who never until today did not wonder where her son is and what he does, to appeal to Putin with a request to pardon the Ukrainians! And this unlocks a process of release of hostages. Maybe then Russia recognizes that Ageev and others like them that are sitting in Ukrainian prisons is their lost military personnel. You might want to pick them up and give us our heroes,” concluded the first Vice-speaker.

As previously reported, in Lugansk region detained a Russian soldier Viktor Ageev, who, according to the BBC, was called to service in the Altai region. Mother of Victor Ageeva, his friends and former colleagues confirmed that after military service he left to serve in the army under the contract, which was signed in March 2017.

Ageeva mother insists that her son is serving in the armed forces and even received in may of this year the rank of corporal. While the Russian defense Ministry stated that the prisoner Ukrainians in Luhansk region, the Russian last year in the left margin.

In an interview with TSN.Week Ageev has told that has arrived to Ukraine “to protect the brotherly people”.

Videotiny Russian Viktor Ageev told why he agreed to serve in the Luhansk region

TSN. 12:00

10 Jul, 12:34