Parliament has approved a cooperation agreement with Europol

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in first reading the bill on ratification of the Agreement between Ukraine and the European police office about operational and strategic cooperation.

“For” the decision voted 241 MP.

Note, thanks to the agreement, Ukraine and Europe will be able to significantly expand the format of cooperation and exchange of operational information in the course of criminal proceedings, to participate in joint activities to investigate a much larger range of crimes, to establish the whereabouts of the persons involved in the Commission of crimes, participate in the analysis of operational information, as well as the creation of an international joint investigation teams.

We will remind, the day before, on 11 July, the EU Council finally approved the Association agreement with Ukraine. The Ministers of Finance and economy, the EU has put the signature under the document.

Viceministry of Finance of the EU countries have put signatures under the Association agreement with Ukraine

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July 11, 20:19