Three EU countries opposed the Declaration at the summit on the prospect of Ukraine’s membership – DW

The outcome document to be adopted according to the results of the summit Ukraine-EUwhich will take place in the Ukrainian capital on Thursday, July 13, was under threat.

The fact is that Kiev insists that the text of the joint statement included a paragraph on the recognition by the EU of Ukraine’s European aspirations.

As DW reported a source in the European Commission, against such a formulation categorically Netherlands, they indirectly support Germany and France. The joint statement is traditional, but not obligatory outcome of summits Ukraine-EU, which are held every six months alternately in Kiev and Brussels.

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The text of the document agreed between the Ukrainian and European sides, and only after that is submitted for signing by the presidents of Ukraine, the European Council and the European Commission. In General, the draft statement of the summit covers all the main directions of cooperation of Ukraine with the European Union and there is no objection from either parties. Except for one sentence in the preamble of the document. It says that the leaders of the member countries of the EU recognized the European aspirations of Ukraine and welcomes its European choice. The Ukrainian side insists that the proposal has been included in this form, DW reported in the European Commission.

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Otherwise, according to the source, Kiev will abandon the adoption of the joint statement.


As you know, for any fixed references to the European prospects of the Ukrainian sensitive the Netherlands, where after the parliamentary elections the process of government formation. After all, the story of the ratification of the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU in the Dutch Parliament recently concluded. And only after the Hague in December last year during a summit of EU leaders managed to win a special interpretive statement.

In this document separately, it was noted that the Association agreement with Ukraine does not grant it the status of candidate for membership in the EU, and does not create any obligation to provide such status to Ukraine in the future. In other European capitals also believe that statements about the possible membership of Ukraine in the EU at the current stage of relations is premature.

“We are ready to confirm this and to admit it, but now this makes no sense. Ukraine has a lot of friends in EU and they all assure her that these conversations only annoy our European partners and not relevant,” – said in an interview with DW, the Estonian diplomat who works in Kiev.

Association is enough

Confirmation of the European perspective during the July summit Ukraine-EU in Kiev most likely does not sound. This opinion in an interview with DW stated earlier and Lithuanian MEP Petras Austrevicius (liberal group).

“Today, Europe is experiencing a lot of turmoil and a large appetite for it has no extension,” said Austrevicius, noting that even in respect of countries that are officially considered candidates for accession to the EU in Brussels “not show enthusiasm”.

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However, the MEP notes that a visa-free regime with the EU and the associated status that had Ukraine signed the agreement with the EU, is a “significant steps forward”.

After all, many of the paragraphs of this agreement are comparable to those transformations that occur in the candidate countries.

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“Sometimes I have the impression that not all fully understand what a powerful mechanism for reform launched in Ukraine the agreement on Association with the EU,” said Auštrevičius.

He also expressed the opinion that Ukraine has all the mechanisms and opportunity to confirm its European choice. “However, this road needs to move not the day or year, and not to rely on lightning miracle,” – said the MEP.