Chain emails focused on trump’s ally during the “Miss universe” in Moscow – Bloomberg

Chain emails focused on ally of US President Donald trump during the Miss universe in Moscow.

Write about it, Ilya Arkhipov and Tom Metcalf in his article “the e-mail Chain has focused on trump’s ally during the “Miss universe” in Moscow,” published on the website of Bloomberg.

He’s a real estate Mogul, with his son-a pop star, and ambition the size of trump tower, which helped organize the contest “Miss universe” in Moscow.

But now the emergence of Aras Agalarov in a letter published by the son of President trump, Donald trump Jr., got him into the storm surrounding the alleged intervention of the Kremlin in elections in the United States last fall.

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The letter stated that in June 2016 Agalarov met with “the public Prosecutor of Russia” – apparently a reference to General Prosecutor of Russia Yuri Chaika who wanted to give Trump compromising information about the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Son Agalarov, Emin, asked the assistant to arrange a meeting between the Russian lawyer and the younger trump said in a letter.

Agalarovy deny the allegations contained in the letters. “It’s simply not true that Agalarovy somehow acted as intermediaries in the Russian government, or discussing the election,” said Scott Balber, the lawyer representing the family.

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The Kremlin also denied that they were involved in the alleged conspiracy. Donald trump Jr. said that the lawyer was not a Russian official, and had no information about Clinton.

Despite this, the publication of the emails focused on the fact that the campaign trump conspired with representatives of the Russian government to influence the election. And this has again drawn attention to the relationship of the tramp with the elder Agalarov, who shares an interest in Golf, beautiful women, and his name in real estate.

Videostory son of trump could get the dirt on Hillary Clinton from the hands of the Russians

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“Beautiful days”

Trump Agalarov met each other in 2013, when Moscow magnate, spent $ 20 million on the contest “Miss universe”, which at the time was owned by trump.

In an interview last year Agalarov said that he and his son Emin visited trump in Las Vegas in 2013 to discuss plans and then he took the future President in Moscow beauty contest in November.

Senior Agalarov said that trump has discussed the construction of the trump tower – which would be called “Manhattan” is scheduled next to its main complex in the Western part of Moscow. Later Agalarov said that he froze the plan, first due to the weakening demand in Russia, and later because of the victory of trump.

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Trump even agreed to appear in one of the music video of Emin, and to utter his catchphrase “You’re fired”. A few months later, trump sent Emin, who is also the Vice President of the company his father, congratulations happy birthday on YouTube: “You’re doing a fine estate, and you really know how to entertain.”

“We had probably five or six wonderful days together. He was very impressed,” said Aras Agalarov about the visit trump in a television interview in 2015.

Crocus Group

According to an interview in the newspaper 2015, Aras Agalarov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, when the country was still part of the Soviet Union, he sold goods on the black market to support the family after his father’s death (Agalarov was 13 years old). He moved his family to Moscow in the 1980’s, and eventually established the Russian-American joint venture “Crocus International”, which was hosted the first computer exhibition.

He advantageously used his success in real estate. His “Crocus Group” build shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. Its businesses also include luxury brand watches, Bank and Golf course (18 holes) outside of Moscow.

Videosin trump will testify before the Senate intelligence Committee regarding a conversation with a Russian woman

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In 2012 Agalarov has built a campus in the far Eastern city of Vladivostok for the Asia forum, which was attended by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Agalarov later complained that because of the project he lost a lot of money.

He was also among the magnates elected for the construction of stadiums for one of the major aspirations of the Kremlin – the world championship on football of 2018. But the budget was reduced, Agalarov said in an interview that he does not expect profits from the projects.

“We’re not trying to make money on stadiums. But the goal also is not to lose our money,” he said in an interview with Russian Forbes in 2015. – It’s just a project status”.

Around the time of the visit trump Putin Agalarov was awarded the medal of Honor official medal for his contribution to business and charity. But Putin didn’t mention his name in his speech at the ceremony, unlike other famous nominees, among whom were actors, religious leaders and the Italian judo coach.

Top 100

In Russia Agalarov is not considered a member of Putin’s inner circle, which includes mainly business tycoons, whom the leader had met many years ago in his hometown of St. Petersburg.

“Agalarov is not included in the top ten or twenty most influential businessmen in Russia,” said Mikhail Vinogradov, head of policy Foundation of St. Petersburg, the analytical center. – Maybe he’s in the top 100″.

Despite his familiarity with the tramp, the Kremlin turned to Agalarov for advice about the President and Putin were skeptical to any of his recommendations, saying some Russian officials.

“Putin – king who hovers over all, and I can’t imagine that he had a close connection with any oligarchs, which he did not know from the very beginning,” said Igor Bunin, head of Center for political technologies. – It is very unlikely that Putin has used Agalarov in such a delicate question.”

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However, Agalarov publicly demonstrated the relationship with the Prosecutor Chaika, removing advertising in 2015, to protect it from allegations of corruption, in which he compared his accusers to Nazi propagandists. Charges Chaika did not show.

Seagull, in turn, helped to lead the efforts of the Russian government to counter the Magnitsky act adopted in 2012 in the United States, which has imposed sanctions on Russian officials implicated in human rights violations. Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer who met with Donald trump Jr in June 2016 after an exchange of emails, advocated its abolition.

Answering the question about the content of the emails published by trump Jr., the representative of the Russian Prosecutor General said he realizes international contacts exclusively legal channels.

In new Jersey

Political relations agalarovyh go into personal in their hometown of Baku. In 2006, Emin is married to Leyla Aliyeva, daughter of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the current President of Azerbaijan. Emin and his wife divorced in the year 2015.

Trump also has a relationship with Baku. In 2012 he collaborated with a construction company in Baku, associated with the regime – known corruption at hotel project that was never started. The lawyer “Trump Organization” told the New Yorker that trump played a passive role in the construction of the Baku and it was “just by the licensor”.

Videotron announced the speech on the meeting of the son with the Russian lawyer

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Family ties agalarovyh with America were established decades ago. In the 1990-ies, when Russia grew crime, Emin was sent to a Swiss boarding school before he moved to new Jersey, where he was joined by his mother Irina and sister Sheila. Emin was among the graduates of Tenafly High School, class of 1997, he went on to study business at Marymount Manhattan College. His father convinced him to return to Russia to work in the family business in 2001.

Agalarovy remain in possession of multi-million dollar homes on Fisher island, in Miami and in the County of Bergen, state of new Jersey, outside of Manhattan, their home in Alpine (2.5 acres) sold for almost $ 7 million.

According to the daughter Sheila, Agalarovy don’t live there anymore. “They live in Russia,” she said in an interview last month.

After the election, Agalarov said that he welcomes the victory of trump, even if it means that his plans to build trump tower will have to wait. “There was a kind of miracle,” nihilus news he told the official news Agency TASS.