Lutsenko brought to the Parliament suspicion Rosenblatt and Polyakov

Today, July 13, deprived of parliamentary immunity the deputies Boryslav Rozenblat and Maxim Polyakov are not arrived on a call to the attorney General.

As the correspondent of TSN deputies were called at 14:30 in the GPU, but both are unable to appear at the appointed time, because they have to perform duties of deputies in Parliament.

While Maxim Polyakov said that he came to the Prosecutor General’s office in the morning, about 9, however, the public Prosecutor has not waited, because I had to go to the Parliament.

However, as reported by press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, the head of the GPU, today travelling for 17 hours to VR and there going to give suspicion Rosenblatt and Polyakov.

It is known that Lutsenko needs to come to the Parliament for consideration of removal of parliamentary immunity from Mikhail Dobkin. On the eve of the three views of the GPU on the MP considered regulation Committee: the Committee supported the issue of removal of inviolability from deputies, but the idea of detention and arrest, called insufficiently substantiated. Dobkin is present today in the Parliament and is waiting for consideration of his question with alarming suitcase.

All of the MPs that interested in prosecution, see the article: MPs and their mandates.

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