On Donbass fighters began to fire the latest Russian bullets that pierce your booking

New destructive in the frontal Marinka. Militants shattered the two houses, says the story TSN.19:30.

Maxim and his brother move a little further from the front line. In another town don’t want the bullets don’t scare me. “I have here a burned hut that wait to kill? It’s the first day and the second when the war started, it was scary, now I’m used to,” says the man.

Videoroliki again attacked the houses in Marinka

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:11

lately the purpose for the militants – not military positions and peaceful home. Only in the last few days maimed at least a dozen homes. The house that burned last night, are in a gray area, where sometimes there are saboteurs. And two days ago the fire was on the Ukraine-controlled part of the village. The house was saved by the fact that people noticed the fire.

The owner Dmitry rushed to extinguish, I ran to the aid of the military, but as soon as the enemy saw it again at the house opened fire. “Was extinguished on the roof of the IFV began to shoot at us, we helter-skelter on the floor got. Then back to stew,” said the landlord. A few houses from Dmitry Natalia lives that, too, could become homeless if it had not been in place during the bombardment. Her wall pierced through armor-piercing incendiary cartridge inside broke. “Hooked the curtain fell the curtain, lit the bed – mattress, sheets. There was water in the house we extinguished immediately,” said the woman.

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A group of professional snipers in Russia sent to the Eastern front of Donbass

In total was shot about two hours. The military said that the militants were beaten as the small and more heavy weapons. “Started strlcat, then went DHU-shka on a slag heap worked here at the residential quarter. 82-and the mines came and went along, grenades,” – said the soldier of the 92nd brigade. During the battle wounded one military. “We have one three-hundredth, a shrapnel wound in the leg. Now he’s fine, he’s in the hospital. Worked then BMP, pierced cover, a splinter hit the leg” – said Ukrainian soldiers.

Intel says on the opposite side of the permanent presence of Russian instructors, the separatists due to which have started to work more professional and more accurate, especially snipers. Military show the balls that fly, a new Russian design that pierce even body armor. Fighter Alex, who was under sniper fire, I am convinced that Russia is making Donbass a testing ground for new weapons, only suffer from this, mostly innocent civilians.

The TSN reporter Yevgeny Agarkov