Under the Rada again harness the fire: activists demand to remove the immunity Dobkin

On Constitution square in front of the Parliament again gathered activists who demand to remove the immunity of MPs.

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In particular, under the Parliament approached and the column of the political power of the “national body.” On 11 July, when Parliament voted relative to the other 5 deputies, its representatives have already burned flares and beating drums. This time they also brought fireworks.

The crowd are chanting “One for all and all for one!” and “Together till the end!”.

We will remind, yesterday, on July 12, the procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada supported the idea of granting consent for the criminal prosecution of people’s Deputy of Pablok Mikhail Dobkin. The former mayor of Kharkov is suspected of involvement in fraud with the earth. The Prosecutor General’s office sees his actions signs of deliberate arrangement by group of persons for abuse of official position and the promotion of fraud in order to seize 78 hectares of land. in Kharkiv on more than 220 million UAH.

Videofragmenty the Committee recognized motivated performance on the removal of Mikhail Dobkin immunity

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