In Kiev today has become more expensive to travel on public transport

In Kiev, Saturday, July 15, increased travel in public transport.

By order of the Kyiv city state administration, the new fares introduced for metro and for all types of Metropolitan public transport.

The fare on the subway is now 5 hryvnia, and surface transport (trolleybuses, trams, buses, funicular) – 4 hryvnia.

Video 15 July in the capital will increase the fare in public transport

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Yesterday, 10:03

The transportation of privileged categories of citizens will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

The metro will introduce new tokens (blue instead of green), but with the old still will be to go to the end of July, then they need to be exchanged. In addition, in one hand at the box office will sell only one coin. But for a metro pass you can ski until the end of all trips.