Protest against deforestation: Kiev blocked the road to Vyshgorod

Near Kiev the residents of the village water blocked the road to Vyshgorod. In this way the people are fighting against illegal logging and further development of the territory, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“I’m sorry it’s just this forest. These pine trees I remember my grandfathers and great-grandfathers, for them I was standing, and I want my children, my friends and the inhabitants met them,” says the resident of the village of Vodogon Andrew Stepaniuk. People are active, because a week ago the unknown without any permission. was cut down over a hundred trees. It turned out that according to official documents no no forests – huge trees recorded as shrubs. “The team Chernovetsky which most was in 2009 the Kyiv city Rada has committed a crime by withdrawing from the green zone healthy forest in order to begin construction. Permit no no”, – says the Chairman of the Committee of the residential district of the village water supply Vasily Viktorov.

Video surveillance of the Kyiv region people blocked the road, protesting against deforestation

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:50

Local community fights for the right to life of the timber for several years. The people appealed to the Prosecutor General and the Chairman of the SBU, but in response, they say, got the most replies. Now went to the court to suspend the decision of the Kyiv city state administration from 2009. “We are trying to make this land was transferred to communal ownership, and here again was the forest and no buildings,” – says a resident of the village water supply Elena Saranska.

After Sunday’s clashes with loggers, local residents staged a protection forest – on duty both day and night. The police are trying to identify those responsible and to obtain official documents. “A criminal trade that is probably illegal deforestation – a person who cut down the forest, he had that right, had that authority,” – said the head of the Obolon police Department of the city Mikhail Nikonov.