Braked and a wheel on the curb: the wife of the deceased in Kiev the biker spoke about a terrible accident

In one moment lost her mother and husband got engaged only yesterday. Victoria from Kiev was witness to the death of his relatives, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The world of Metropolitan bikers shocked by the tragedy on the road – the day after their wedding, the man was carrying a mother on a motorcycle, his wife is also on a bike rode after him, and her eyes first bike went down the road and turned over. The competition was Konstantin Tarasenko, it was his mother – in-law 51-year-old Valentina Turovsky.

Video settings the Kiev motorcycle crashed an experienced biker and his mother-in-law

TSN. 19:30

Today, 20:08

They were young and very beautiful couple. Judging by the pages in social networks, were in love with cars and speed – post travel videos and photos bikes. Today visit hundreds of shares with a black and white photo of a smiling Constantine. Friends write that don’t understand how this could happen, because Tarasenko was an experienced biker and even taught others – there are those who with words of condolence grateful that he forced them to overcome fear and get behind the wheel of a motorcycle.

Version of witnesses about the causes of the accident vary. Someone claims that the motorcycle suddenly crashed into the barrier and then overturned. Someone says bike clipped another car. Victoria rejects these versions. “I was driving behind, he stopped on a slippery dividing line, ahead of the car, and slowed down as it fails, so his wheel on the curb. More there’s nothing to tell,” says a witness of the accident. She calls the crash an accident.