Matios called scandalous ex-the Prosecutor of the ATO Kulik “nothing”, but a professional

Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios believes former Prosecutor ATO Konstantin Kulik “jerk”. At the same time, he calls him a professional.

This Matios said in an interview with TSN Daria Happy.

– Let’s talk about the former Prosecutor ATO Konstantin Kulik.

– He was awarded the President on Constitution Day.

– I’m interested in your idea. It dismissed the military Prosecutor’s office and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko appointed him Deputy head of the international cooperation Department. What will you say for what?

– In each organ for personnel, for assignments, for evaluating the work of subordinates, the Manager is responsible. I am not the personnel Department. Right of attorney General to evaluate the activity of the Prosecutor. Lutsenko said: “I don’t care what color the cat is, above all, to bring the mice.” But I will tell you, the moral principles of a person of which you speak are void. Professionalism – it is quite competent people. One of the few who very competent. But competence and honesty are not synonymous.

– How do you feel about the fact that in your Department the work “worthless people”, but professionals?

– How can I support “the jerk”? I can’t support this.

You lobbied for the appointment of Kulik? As it was scheduled?

In 2014, when it was created by the military Prosecutor’s office, was formed by the state, it had to fill. In the area of ATU went only on his own report on their own, because most people have certain caveats. Kulik at the time wrote a report that he voluntarily goes to the ATO zone as a simple investigator. He had a right not to go, because with four children, but he left voluntarily.

Is it true that you have been acquainted with him and his family?

– I saw him for the first time in July 2014, when he came with the report about acceptance into military service.

– Kulik was familiar with the head of “Oplot” Zhilin. They are the godfathers. How did you feel about that when he was taken to the military Prosecutor?

He wrote all of this data, checked internal security – they decide before the appointment and consent. I always work with a team that is, I did not drive.

For you it was not some kind of caution?

– Ruslan Onishchenko, who convicted five times, took the battalion “Tornado”. This was the time. Didn’t have time much to understand. Time and distance put everything in its place. And the action of man gives an idea about who is who.

The full interview with the chief military Prosecutor read on Dnia this link.

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