On the racetrack, “the Seagull” there was a terrible clash of motorcyclists

A mad collision of motorcyclists occurred on the Kiev autodrome “Chaika”. Spectacular crash is not inferior to the human resources Hollywood movies and like gadgets, this is the real adventure has a happy ending, says the story TSN.19:30.

Masters of motocross Daniel Vyshemirskii and Alexander polyukhovich collided at speed at least 100 kilometers per hour. They flew to the security strip and rolled over several times.

Video surveillance breakneck speed in Kiev has faced two motorcyclists

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:24

As it turned out, the group of athletes had already finished and slowed, and one noticed the finish check box and twisted the gas. Both the rider not only survived the collision, but was not even hospitalized motorcyclists escaped with fractures to several fingers.

Earlier in Kiev as a result of terrible accidents with motorcyclists at the Head of the Avenue a man was killed and his mother-in-law. A witness of the tragedy was the wife of the deceased, who told him that the accident was the result of a tragic accident.