In Germany started the hearings on the construction of “Nord stream-2” bypassing Ukraine

In Germany started hearing about the project of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, which Russia wants to supply gas to Germany and Europe to bypass Ukraine.

According to the newspaper Ostsee-Zeitung.

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“The five-day hearings, which are held behind closed doors, will allow industry agencies, public associations and interested citizens to bring their arguments”, – notes the edition. The world wildlife Fund (WWF) opposes the issuance of a building permit.

According to the environmentalists, during construction only in the exclusive economic zone of Germany will be allocated 239 tons of phosphorus. Environmentalists also are demanding better compensation for probable damage to the environment. Their opposition to the construction of the pipeline had earlier been expressed by the farmers.

Recall that to start construction of the second stage of the pipeline “Nord stream” with a length of 1,200 km is planned in 2018. The estimated cost of a project supported by the German government, 9.5 billion euros.

Videoroliki Gazprom may get access to the European gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine

TSN. Wounds

28 October 2016, 09:38

A lot of Eastern European countries and the United States expressed concern that the pipeline may restrict the supply routes and energy security of the EU. Another problem is the pipeline will undermine Ukraine’s transit role, will be deprived of its fees to several billion dollars.

Meanwhile, in the “Naftogaz” are convinced that in 2020 the transit of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine is three times-four times cheaper than “Nord stream-2”.