Chinese twenty years wore women’s clothes for a sick mother

In the Chinese Network has gained popularity video, in which the Chinese had told him twenty years was a woman to help his ailing mother, reports BBC.

As indicated in the source, 50-year-old resident of Guangxi, dressed in women’s clothes to help his sick mother, who suffers from a mental disorder after her daughter’s death.

According to the man, when he first changed, his mother immediately believed in the return of his daughter. After this he continued to edit women’s clothes, and then got rid of all the male outfits.

The man says that he is indifferent to sneers in his direction, he just wants to make her mom happy.

Most users of Chinese social networks are convinced that people made a real “FILIAL thing” and he really is womens clothing.

Others, on the contrary, doubt could dobrodeteli son to be actually a justification for the desire to be a transvestite.

Earlier, the 33-year-old bodybuilder has become an Internet star after his video appeared on the Network. Video naked man in heels training on treadmill.

The man decided to shoot a video after one of my friends satagaj it in a post on Facebook, dedicated to men who wear women’s clothes.