Guess sayings Klitschko. Test birthday policy

Wednesday, July 19, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko celebrates his 46th birthday. Birthday of a prominent politician and a famous boxer Dnia proposes to revise the popular video of him and remember his sayings.

How much really important news about the mayor Klitschko has not spread in the media, probably none of them had received such publicity as his next public gaffe or embarrassment. People are already used to make fun of weird statements Klitschko or funny situations in which he from time to time gets.

Throughout the political career of the official of such situations has already been done. TSN.ia decided to collect in one movie the most famous of them, and at the same time to check how well you remember them. In our videotest – nine questions about the confusion of the mayor. To answer each question you have 10 seconds to think.