The NBU told how much debt Ukraine has to return and where to borrow money

Until 2019, Ukraine should repay $ 11 billion of external debt.

“There are different estimates of the amount of the payment, because there is the question of what to consider. That is, payments of the Ministry of Finance on external debt, the national Bank – the obligations to the IMF, disbursements of state-owned companies payments on foreign bonds. In total, by 2019 we will need to pay about $ 11 billion. However, if you look at the balance of funding for the IMF (10 billion dollars), the payouts don’t look very heavy,” said the Deputy head of the national Bank Dmitry Sologub in an interview Finbalance.

The official assures that the risks of lack of money for repayment of debts in 2019-2020 low, because Ukraine cooperates with the world Bank, the European Bank for reconstruction and development, the European Union will begin to attract capital on international markets.

Recall now the external debt of Ukraine is 80% of its GDP. At the beginning of may this year, the cumulative state (direct) and guaranteed debt of Ukraine amounted to UAH 1,973 trillion (or 74,31 billion dollars). The state budget 2017 provides that year-end public debt should not be more than 1 trillion 716,63 billion.