In Kiev under the roar of the engines said goodbye to those killed in a terrible accident biker

world day of Kiev motorcycle bikers said goodbye to his friend Konstantin Tarasenko. The funeral took place under the powerful roar of motorcycles to the cemetery, says the story TSN.19:30.

Widowed wife Victoria was holding back tears. She was in a t-shirt inscribed with a dedication to the deceased husband “KOs Bordos” so called Tarasenko in biker hangout. The girl said goodbye, not only from husband but also her mother. The two most precious people died in front of her, on the second day after the wedding.

Videocassete bikers said goodbye to his friend Konstantin Tarasenko, who died on the track

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:16

An experienced 40-year-old biker and his 51-year-old mother-in-law on Sunday evening rode double on a motorcycle. According to bikers, the tragedy occurred when the driver of perustuvaa in another lane. Motorcycle during the manoeuvre, suddenly skidded to a chipper. Constantine left a young son and parents. To support the family gathered a few dozen bikers.