Canvas roof and plywood Windows: retired in Avdeevka stopped to hide in a basement during the shelling

In the midst of war turned out to be the home of 75-year-old Alexandra Panova. Retired moved to the Avdeevka to war for great love, says the story TSN.19:30.

“If not landed here. Coming back. Lined around” – he describes his position near the front. House in old the plant is directly in the line of fire: left – occupied Yasinovataya, right – Donetsk, and the forest – industrial area. Over the last three years in the house of the pensioner flew five rounds. “The last in January twice. First floor roof broke, a week completely demolished,” – said a resident of the Town.

Videoinsider in Avdeevka refuses to leave the house, which became a constant target of hostile attacks

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:37

Since then, house Alexandra Panova instead of the roof tarp instead of glass in the Windows is plywood. Inside the ruined wall covering the carpet. During attacks the man no longer hides in the basement, because I had my share of fear his own. Once, during a fire shard flew into the room, went over the head master and fell on the pillow.

Ordinary to the hostilities close to in the old the houses are almost all local residents. For three years they learned to distinguish the sound of a tank shock from mortar attacks. For last six months old in Avdeyevka destroyed more than five hundred houses, and in order to rebuild, you need at least 10 thousand sheets of slate and more than 20 thousand pieces of brick. But the number of materials in the city, so the local build their homes, even construction debris – pieces of brick or wood.